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2016 off to a great start for Dynatech’s V 7000+
in North East India
Dynatech’s V7000+, which is the new and improved version of the immensely popular V7000 power amplifier, has definitely upped the ante in North East India! In 2016 alone, the V7000+ boasts an unbelievable sales growth in the region, as some of the most recognized audio reinforcement vendors there have added multiple pieces of the Dynatech V7000+ amplifiers to their existing inventory.

P.audio & Dynatech SMAASH the records at Bengluru
SMAAASH has done it again! After taking Hyderabad, Mumbai & Delhi by storm, the immensely popular brand for all things sport, gaming and entertainment now deliver wholesome active entertainment experiences to sporting fans in Bengaluru! Complete with cool interactive activities like Bowling, Cricket, Football etc in addition to entertainment and chill-out options like a chilled out Resto-Bar, a private party room and more,

Dynatech fosters a heightened spiritual connection at Nanjidham
The Jagadguru Narendracharyaji Maharaj Sanstha has been promoting spirituality and clean living through their works and preaching in Ratnagiri for years. And recently, the establishment have added a comprehensive new roster of the compact & powerful Mackie Dynatech HP-12A and HP-15A high-definition powered loudspeakers to their portable pro audio reinforcement inventory.

North East India prefers Dynatech power amplifiers
Dynatech’s V Series of power amplifiers have consistently delivered top quality world class performance in driving top quality audio for mass favorite events across the expanse of India. And the bright and beautiful landscapes of North East India endorse the power of the Dynatech V Series amplifiers, as some of the most recognized audio reinforcement vendors in the region have added multiple pieces of the Dynatech V Series amplifiers to their inventory. 

Dynatech bolsters the Akhil Bharati Agri Mahotsav 2015 Celebrations
The Akhil Bharati Agri Mahotsav is a cultural festival and prestigious gathering of business owners, MD’s/ SSI Units, and entrepreneurs – budding and successful. The event, which is currently in progress, taking place from 4th December 2015 to 11th December 2015, delivers a wholesome business experience with over 150 different types of stalls.

Dynatech DPA digital processors preferred in North-east
According to Dynatech’s official distributors in India – Sonotone, sales figures of the Dynatech DPA260 and DPA360 have displayed a steady positive trend throughout the year, and a key region that’s shown immense interest in the DPA260 and DPA360 is the North-East, with sales figures of the processor units showing a distinct rise over the past few months. 

Dynatech powers social awakening in Latur
On 6th November 2015, Anna Hazare - one of India’s most respected and leading socio-political activists - addressed a large gathering of people in the upcoming yet bustling city of Latur in Maharashtra, surrounding the ‘Awards Wapasi’ movement that has gripped the country over the course of the past few months.

Dynatech gives the party vibe at Pune’s Kyros Bar & Grill

As an extension of the ever popular Little Italy franchise in Model Colony, Pune, Kyros Bar & Grill is a destination that delivers a luscious space complete with all the frills of top notch FnB services and an amazing ambience, which makes it a destination that’s truly versatile in terms of being capable of hosting events across the spectrum

Dynatech at World of Titan
Customers can experience the comprehensive range of exquisite timepieces from India’s most beloved brand – Titan – at the ‘World of Titan’ showrooms that are present in every major and upcoming metropolitan in India. However, the ‘World of Titan’ showrooms in the ever bustling Kolhapur and Sangli cities in Maharashtra are clearly a cut above the rest, as the regale and enchanting ambience.

Dynatech's PD Series power top events in Ajmer

Dynatech’s PowerDrive (PD) Series of power amplifiers have consistently delivered top quality world class performance for applications ranging from live audio to DJ reinforcement to install sound, that too in a comprehensive package that’s extremely easy on the wallet. 
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