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DPA Series Speaker Management System


DPA Series provide professional digital speaker management system. Designed to be catered for any crossover configuration, it provides the suitable processing and control necessary for both live and fixed installation use. It offers 2/3/4 analog inputs, 6/8 analog outputs, managed by a powerful DSP Engine, in addition to high performance 24 bit AD/DA Converters. Each input channel provides a choice o EQ with Parametric EQ, Noise Gate Function, Gain control, RMS Compressor, Internal White/Pink noise generator and configurable Delay. Each output offers up to 7-band of parametric equalization, in addition to the crossover filters which themselves provide slopes from 6dB/Octave up to 48dB/Octave. Each output path also features Peak Limiter and driver alignment Delay. The DPA Series supports a full matrix mixing mode where inputs may be routed/mixed in any ratio to any output. For remote configuration and control the DPA Series can be connected via USB or RS485 connections. The control remote PC software allows simultaneous control up to 32 units, setting all parameters and showing real time levels.
  2 input 6 output Digital Processor
  Input: 2 X XLR, Output: 6 X XLR
  Minimum Load
  THD + N
  0.001% at 1kHz 0dBu
  Frequency Response
  20Hz-20kHz, –0.5dBu at 20Hz and 20 kHz
  DSP Engine
  DSP Resolution
  24 X 24 bit for filtering process
  Parametric Equalization
  5 filters per input selected as Bell or Shelving
  5 filters per output selected as Bell or Shelving
  Filter Type
  Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley
  Filter Gain
  From -18dBu upto + 18dBu
  Filter Q/BW
  Q from 0.3 up to 20 by 0.1 resolution steps
  Crossover Section HPF/LPF
  Butterworth 6/12/18/24/48dB per octave
  Bessel, Linkwits-Riley 12/24/48 dB per octave
  Filter resolution 1/48th of octave
  RMS Limiter
  Threshold from -14dBu up to +16dBu;
  Attack time from 10ms up to 1000ms (1ms resolution up to 20ms,
  10ms resolution up to 100ms and 20ms resolution up to 200ms)
  Release time from 0.1 sec up to 3 sec (0.1 sec resolution)
  900 ms input 21us increment/decrement steps per channel
  340 ms output 21us increment/decrement steps per channel
  Device Presets
  32 User Presets
  19" X 1.75" X 9" (482mm X 44mm X 229mm) 1RU
  Weight: Net/Shipping
  7.71 lbs (3.5kg)/8.82 lb (4kg)
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